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Infusion Pump/IV Stand

Highest quality stainless steel

Sturdy, 5 leg base

Ram horns

Patient assist ring

Safely holds 4-6 infusion pumps

6-10 infusion capacity with optional 25lb weight

3-inch, self cleaning, non-marking, smooth gliding casters.

Nestable for easy storage

Pressure Infusion Bag

For the effective delivery of Intravenous and Intra-arterial Infusion Treatments.

Dedicated fluid bag hook.

Enables efficient loading and unloading of the system without having to remove the infusion bag from the IV pole.

Oval-shaped bulb allows for quick and easy inflation of the bladder.

100% tested for quality and reliability.

Color-coded gauge.jpg

Colour Coded Gauge.

Provides accurate pressure monitoring

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