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Cold temperatures slow down the rate of cellular metabolism allowing for the survival of damaged cells.  These cells would have otherwise died due to the high metabolic activity of the neighbouring healthy cells

Cold temperature reduces the extent of tissue damage, allowing the affected tissues, ligaments, joints, and muscles to heal

The cold penetrates deeply through the tissues and into the joints causing a numbing of the nerve endings and reduced transmission of pain sensation from the injury site to the brain

RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) therapy is a very effective way to manage muscle, ligament and joint injury

AquaCold Cold Therapy Device

SKU: E05-1002
Excluding Sales Tax
    • Indicated for use after surgery or injury to reduce pain and inflammation.

    • Soft and breathable fabric body contouring pads target cold to the exact area needed.

    • Large capacity, 6 liter tank allows for longer usage time.

    • Adjustable flow rate provides soothing continuous cold therapy.

    • Large, easy to read LCD display offers safe monitoring of prescribed treatment time and temperature.

    • Increases patient compliance, satisfaction, and treatment efficacy.

    • Drug free pain relief.

    • Ice and water fill indicator.

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