Next Gel Ultrasound Gel

  • Clear Image Gel packets are non-sterile, single patient packets of clear ultrasound scanning gel. 

  • Individual packets are designed to help reduce the possibility of cross-contamination associated with reusing and refilling gel bottles.

  • Virtually bubble free formulation provides optimal sound velocity for accurate and exceptionally clear patient scans.

  • Built in dispensing spout ensures controlled delivery flow of the gel.

  • Bacteriostatic to prevent the growth of microbial contaminants.

  • Free of dyes, perfumes and parabens reducing the risk of skin irritation, staining and equipment degradation.

  • Sterile gel packets also available.

  • High viscosity gel for most clinical situations and medium viscosity for labor & delivery. 

  • Patented gel warmer accommodates up to 40 packets or 3 bottles. 

Here is what Ultrasound Technicians at VA Hines Hospital in Chicago are saying about Clear Image Gel:


“Images are clearer when using this gel vs. competitive products”
"It definitely has less bubbles." 

"On thin patients the Clear Image Gel creates significant image improvement in the neck area (thyroid) and scrotal area (testicles).  There is no drop off and no shadow!" 



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